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“Rialto Lane’s Mysterious Visitor”

George William Hudson – “Rialto Lane’s Mysterious Visitor”

During the night of November 18th, 1907, within the dingy pit of the Rialto building’s porch a circumambient musty smell of iron filled the air from the laneway below. That evening, Rialto Lane had a mysterious visitor whom the residents of the Rialto building were not expecting.

George William Hudson left Melbourne to reside in Jung, however on the gloomy evening of November 18th, 1907, George was discovered by a watchman named Carles Lear in a pool of his own blood in the Rialto Lane.

“I don’t know of any reason why he should go to the Rialto,” whispered George Michael Hudson, the son of the deceased George William Hudson.

Not a soul had spoken to George William Hudson for 7 months leading up to his death. Upon examination of his belongings, it was indicated he had bought a ticket and intended to travel to Camberwell and Murtoa that day and was also carrying 2 pocket knives. Furthermore, no one saw any signs of a broken window from the Rialto’s balconies to suggest he took an unfortunate fall.  What was more surprising, was the residents in the Rialto confirmed George Michael Hudson was not a resident in the building, was not there to visit any guests nor had they heard of nothing unusual the evening before his passing.

This perplexing tragedy continues to remain a mystery to George William Hudson’s loved ones and the residents of the Rialto building.

Rialto Lane_Melbourne History
Rialto Lane_Melbourne History


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