Emma Kate - Melbourne Must-Do's and Success in the Creative World

Melbourne with Emma Kate

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Adelaide based stationary designer, travel and lifestyle blogger, Emma Kate, speaks with us about her Melbourne must-do’s and success in the creative world.

How did you start Emma Kate Co?

“I’ve had coloured pencils in my hand as long as I can remember. Eighteen months ago, I found myself on a one way plane back to Australia, when my visa didn’t work out, and my life in London came to an abrupt and rather severed end. Literally plucked out of one reality and thrown into another, with no plan B, I found myself with a whole lot of space to pursue something big and different – anything that I wanted! So I went full tilt into launching my travel / lifestyle blog, and stationery line. It’s been just on a year now and it’s been a big, wild adventure!”

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from when traveling?

“The stories that come from travel. It’s getting lost in the back streets, the people you meet, the stories you live and things you could never imagine finding. Travel always leaves me awed and questioning everything. I feel a pull, an instinctual need to capture and document – designs and words just fall out of me when I travel, it’s when I feel most alive. If I don’t do something with all of the feelings creatively, it feels like looking through a telescope backwards. Everything is fuzzy and disorientating. My sense of purpose erodes away. So really, the drive is there itself. I’m never not inspired to create.”

When you visit Melbourne, what is on your ‘must-do’ list?

“One word – COFFEE. Actually 3 words… Messina Gelato. I love to wander the Yarra River footpath. And eat breakfast for lunch (and/or breakfast for dinner).”

If you wanted people to walk away with one thing from Emma Kate Co. what would it be?

“To have their day made. I want people to wander over to my blog and…exhale. To feel safe, inspired – and like they’ve come home.”

What does the ‘luxury travel’ mean to you?

“Travelling as a travel writer often offers quite a surreal way to travel – we get to step inside a world that I’d never get to see as a regular twenty something. I often get to experience a much higher end, more elevated travel experience – the very best of. I love to get lost in the back streets of a new city, soaking up the vibe of a city and getting amongst it anonymously – and then to fall into a cloud of pillows and luxury is a rather special way to finish off a long day on feet! Luxury travel means seeing a new place in an elevated way.”

What advice can you offer for young budding creative bloggers?

“Invest in yourself. By signing up for online courses, night classes, or self-teaching and dedicating time to learning and integrating. Carve space for working ‘on’ your blog, as well as ‘in’ the blog / making the content.

Also, don’t wait, or hold back, for anybody else. Go full tilt. Chase your dreams with everything you’ve got.”

What and who inspires you?

“Anyone dancing to the beat of their own drum has my full respect. I look up to anyone who is just going for it, despite circumstance, expectation, risk and the ‘done’s or ‘should’s.
My (now late) Pappa was my role model and hero. The way he lived, so simply, humbly and generously will always be such an inspiration to me.”

If you only had 24 hours in Melbourne, what would you do?

“Have breakfast at Industry Beans, wander Fitzroy, have a second breakfast at Higher Ground, wander and have wine/cheese along Southbank and drive to Mt Dandenong to breathe in the sunset.”


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