Signature Suites

Bespoke Architectural
Melbourne Signature Locations

In the four corners of our historic hotel lie our stunning Signature Suites. From the romantic gothic-style turrets to the gorgeous secluded courtyards, these suites are beautifully appointed, taking luxury, comfort and style to the next level.

Explore our 4 Signature Suite – Yarra Valley Suite, Brighton Suite, St Kilda Suite, Laneway Suite


Yarra Valley Suite

Signature Suite 601
Inspired by the vineyards of the lush Yarra Valley, this suite features gorgeous landscapes and a relaxing atmosphere. Take in the views upstairs from the romantic turret bedroom or sit in your private lounge with a glass of wine. Let the earthy tones transport you straight to the cellar door.
  • 74 square metres
  • King bed

Brighton Suite

Signature Suite 520
Brighton’s sunny seaside atmosphere is embodied in this light and airy suite. Taking its colour scheme from Brighton’s iconic beach boxes, the expansive, beautifully designed living room features lounge and dining areas, while the separate bedroom and large bathroom feel spacious and bright. Experience seaside relaxation in the heart of the city.
  • 100 square metre
  • King bed

St Kilda Suite

Signature Suite 521
Colourful and cultural, the St Kilda Suite brings the seafront suburb to life in unparalleled luxury. With the bathroom in the hotel’s gothic-style turret, this suite offers sweeping views over Collins Street from the bath. The large living space and bedroom add contemporary flavour to our original fixtures.
  • 70 square metre
  • King bed

Laneway Suite

Signature Suite 602
Authentically Melbourne, our Laneway Suite encapsulates what our city is most known for: its iconic laneways. With finishing touches that are inspired by Melbourne's music, art and cultural venues, the room offers a truly unique experience. Wind down in the expansive living room, relax in the spacious bedroom or sit under the stars in your own private courtyard.
  • 55 square metre
  • King bed